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Guitar Shred 101: All you need to know about it.

Great Guitar Shred Eddie Van Halan
Great Guitar Shred Eddie Van Halan
Eddie Van Halan playing a guitar shreddring solo

The guitar shred is a musical term that defines the complex and fast execution of an electric guitar solo. The style became popular among the great guitarists of Heavy Metal and Rock in the late 80’s and early 90’s, but the shred is applicable to almost any musical style.

Many opponents of the technique have raised their voice to go against the shred, as they feel it gives importance to the speed and sidesteps the accompaniment of musical pieces, often becoming a mass of overblown notes, which does not like the majority of the rock fans. However, the shred is one of the goals of many guitarists who want to “eat the fretboard”.

The Guitar Shred: Today

Currently, the popularity of the Shred has been declining, leaving a few guitarists who play with the majestic speed required by this technique.

Performance in the Shred style requires great skill and much time dedicated to the guitar, so more than one ended up leaving the task.

Famous Shred Guitarists

Some examples of outstanding guitarists that use the “Shred style” are:

  • Jason Becker
  • Vinnie Moore
  • Paul Gilbert
  • Tony McAlpine
  • Yngwie Malmsteen
  • Marty Friedman
  • Among others…
Great Guitar Shred Yngwie Malmsteen
Yngwie Malmsteen playing a guitar shreddring solo

Despite having its detractors, the shred is a technique worth trying because it can help improve the skill with which you play different harmonies plus it is a freer way of playing, of being carried away by the exciting sound of the guitar at full speed.

Ready to start Guitar Shredding?

If you want to start to get into the guitar shred wave, you can simply search some videos and songs that show the style of the great high-speed shred, so you can feel inspire to go through better management of both hands and how quickly you play the strings.

How to Guitar Shred: VIDEO

Alright it’s time now to get our hands to work while watching the legend Yngwie Malmsteen showing us the steps.

Remember it is an art that takes time to perfect, so it will require a lot of practice and patience, just like any other thing that is worth in life. Keep rocking your world!

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  1. So cool! Eddy Van Halen is my favorite of all time!

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