Guitar Straps

When it comes about guitar accessories, a strap is one of most important elements you need to buy for your guitar. Not only they are useful for maintain your guitar in a comfortable position, but also help you to give more personality to your beloved guitar and more importantly, prevent accidents such as falls of precious musical instrument.


The straps come in a variety of colors, designs and materials, so you may feel confused about what is best for you. Here we tell you what you should consider when purchasing your guitar strap. Check it out!

Things to have in mind when choosing a Guitar Strap

  1. Your height: when you go to pick your strap, consider having a suitable length to your height. You may need one for your little girl of 5 years or want one for yourself 6’7 “. Check that the belt can be adapted in an easy and convenient way to the height you need.
  2. Material: the most common and popular types are made of materials such as leather, nylon and suede and all offer a variety of colors and styles. While appearance is important, consider these details of each material:
    • Leather: is that most guitar players choose because it looks super cool. Everybody associated this material with the classic rocker style (hello Elvys), and the leather is so durable. You can choose it with snake leather, metal parts or printed names in the material. The only thing that does not favor is the price. They can be a little more expensive than others, but with the passage of time, for their durability they could be a good investment.
    • Nylon: is the most basic and common. These straps are certainly the most requested of all. This is because they take up very little space on the gig bag and maintenance is very simple. They are ideal for everyday use.
    • Suede: with a very stylish look, this type of belt has been popularized due to its softness and durability. They are not as cheap as those of nylon, but no more expensive than conventional leather ones.
  1. Security: One of the most important things is that your guitar does not fall precipitously to the ground, so that current straps come with security locks to prevent any accident. If you go to buy one, make sure it comes with the attachment, trust me, you’ll thank us.
  2. Padding: if you’re an apprentice musician and do not use very often the guitar, maybe padding is not a priority, but the fact is that the padding provides more comfort, especially if electric guitars heavier and solid construction are used. Your shoulder will thank you.

You can choose whatever you like, but please consider le security lock over everything else. Be playful and give your guitar more personality with a very cool strap. Maybe you think is no so important, but on the long term, the strap is going to play a very important part of your career as a musician.