Guitar Stands

The supports for the guitar or stands are basically devices that keep your spectacular guitar safe and firm in the place you want when you are not using it, avoiding accidents such as falling for leave it in uncomfortable positions and places.

There are a variety of stands so here we’ll help you make the choice by understanding the advantages and disadvantages of each model.

Why do you need a guitar stand?

The reason here is very simple: keep the guitar safe. It might not happen, but as soon as your precious and expensive guitar falls to the ground because you place it in an inappropriate way, you are going to change your mind.

Stands for guitar serve precisely to prevent this from happening, because they are designed to withstand the guitar vertically stable.

In general, guitar stands are not expensive and its benefits on the other hand are many. Here we show that there are types of support.

We divide them into 2 groups: those designed to support a single guitar and on the other hand, those that can contain multiple guitars.

Stands for one guitar:


Standard guitar stand: it is a very simple support, nothing fancy. You can find the types that can fold or the type that are rigid. They are very simple and comfortable to use. They require little space.


With A Neck Brace: is almost the same standard stand, but this support has the advantage of keeping the guitar more stable because it has a handle that helps support the neck of the guitar and prevents tipping.


On the wall: very convenient if you want to save floor space. Some models come with slightly arched bars that function as security system to prevent falls. This model is very popular and is a very good stand if you are a novice buyer.


Closet Guitar Hanger: very original and comfortable. You can use it if you have extra space in your wardrobe.

Stands for multiple guitars:


They are basically the same as the mono-guitar stands but have the ability to support 2 or more guitars. They are generally used by professionals when they bring their guitars to concerts. You can also find models to place them on the floor or wall.

Now you’ve seen the types of stands for guitar that exist, it’s time to choose the support that fits better to you, but how do you know? Everything will depend on the space you have and your personal preferences, however if there is a tip you should follow is that when you choose the stand such as “standard”, make sure it is for your type of guitar, as some stands are designed specifically for electric guitars (narrow horizontal tabs) and others are designed for acoustic or classical guitars (wider horizontal tabs). is a website specialized only on guitar stands, they have information about all the types, brands, materials and so on.

Finally remember that you can always put an electric guitar in a guitar stand designed for acoustic or classical guitar, but if your guitar is classic, you cannot place it on a stand for electric guitar.