Guitar Accessories Guide 101

You just acquired that beautiful guitar you wanted and now you wonder if is necessary to buy something extra to become the guitar player you dream about. It’s time for reading our Guitar Acessories Guide!

While it is true that you can play guitar just with your hands, there are some accessories that can make this task a lot easier, and what is more, these accessories become essential elements to play this spectacular instrument.

In our store you can find a variety of useful and versatile accessories to perfect the art of playing the guitar. Pay attention to the list we give you below, as these are the 10 most useful and necessary accessories to develop your music skills on the guitar.

Guitar Accessories Guide


  1. Guitar Picks

    Guitar Picks
    An ideal accessory if you’re not from those who dare to have long nails. You can get them in many materials and colors for you to choose the one that best suits your personality. Do not buy one because different thicknesses, tip styles and materials, will give you different sounds.

  2. Guitar Strings

    You should always have on hand a package with spare parts for the strings, because with the use tend to wear out and break.

  3. Guitar Tuners

    Guitar Tunner
    This tool is very useful because it allows you to tune the guitar without errors. They are easy to use and trust us, you will love this one.

  4. Guitar Capos (Clamps)

    Guitar Capos
    With this accessory you can achieve a range of different tones and you can experiment with other nuances in different songs. In addition, it is especially useful if your hands are not as strong to execute certain tones or are somewhat small. Once you try it, you will see that is just great.

  5. Guitar Straps

    Besides useful, it can help you further customize the look of your guitar. Made from different materials and colors, the straps that we offer will allow you to play your instrument with comfort.

  6. Metronome

    This tool is especially needed for guitar learners who wish to improve the pace. There are some that bring built-in tuner, and thereby you can kill two birds with one stone! Great right?

  7. Pick Holder

    Pick Holder
    Though it may seem silly, this small accessory can be very useful when you are playing in public. This device has a glue to attach it on the guitar. If the pick with which you are playing it plummets to the ground, you can just take another and continue without having to bend down to pick up the pick.

  8. Gig Bag

    Gig Bag
    If you do not have a cover yet, you must buy it immediately. Will allow you to keep safe from scratch your guitar and make it easier to carry anywhere. Here you can find from the simplest elaborate with light materials, to the most professional made of wood and leather.

  9. Music Stand

    Music Stand
    It is an accessory that is not appreciated until you use it. The scores and lyrics are comfortably at your eye level and not have to be in uncomfortable positions to keep the paper on your leg.

  10. String Cleaner

    Strings Cleaner
    Fat, sweat and germs are always present in our hands although we do not see, so the strings tend to accumulate all that waste and that could affect their durability. You can find many types of cleaners, even some with lubrication to reduce friction and allow a faster performance.